Guilt Free Dessert After Breakfast

Who doesn’t love dessert? (that was a leading question)

I for one have a weakness for fruit crumbles and dark chocolate, so you don’t have to ask me twice to try eating dessert earlier in the day.

It turns out that a Tel Aviv study looked at the difference between two groups of dieters, one was given a low carb and low calorie regimen, while the other group was given the same diet with an added bonus: they could have a small dessert after breakfast. Turned out the second group showed more long term weight loss success!

For those of you Tasty Lifers familiar with my work, my philosophy is all about how to have a healthy lifestyle filled with pleasure and fun with a mindful appreciation of each moment of it!

You know what happens when you deprive yourself of pleasure and fun? You end up feeling deprived and compensate by overdoing it when given a chance (or when nobody’s watching).  The follow up to indulging is often guilt, shame and self-punishment. Why not skip all that and go straight for what you want anyway? What’s the worst that can happen?

Often we are afraid to trust ourselves. We worry that if we are given a free license to eat dessert we won’t be able to stop at one cookie, or one slice. We will just overeat until we are stuffed and sick to our stomachs.

The trick here is to put whatever dessert you choose (one that you really love and desire) and put that one piece on a plate. Take a few deep breaths before digging in and mindfully savour every bite as if it is the first time you are trying this food. Be curious. Use all of your senses. Eat slowly and if that’s hard then try putting your fork down and take deep breaths between bites. Check in with your body and notice whether you feel full and satisfied. )Full does not mean stuffed. It means you could eat more but are choosing to stop because you feel satisfied.)

Want to try a Tasty Life experiment? This week, try switching your after dinner dessert to one after breakfast and see what happens. Notice how you feel throughout the day. Do you eat less dessert later on? Are you more satisfied than usual?

Check back in with me and share your experience with Tasty Lifers, we would be really curious to hear about what you discover when you give yourself permission to have more pleasure.

Serve yourself first,

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Need ideas for desserts?

Try these recipes by other chefs inspired by Heidi Swanson!

Rose Water Tapioca made by Turn Table Kitchen

Plum Buttermilk Cake baked by La Tartine Gourmand

Coconut Panna Cotta with Rasberry Coulis by Neige Blanche











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